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Advanced Coupon - Many Combinations

Guest rkan

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Advanced Coupon - Many Combinations



[spoiler=Main Features (Advanced Coupon)]

✯ $X Off for The Entire Store

✯ X% Off for The Entire Store

✯ Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF)

✯ Buy Three Get Two Free

✯ Buy X Get Y Free

✯ Buy X Get $Z Off

✯ Buy X Get Z% Off

✯ Buy X Get Y with $Z Off

✯ Buy X Get Y With Z% Off

✯ Buy X from Selected Products/Categories/Manufacturers Get Y Free

✯ Buy X from Selected Products/Categories/Manufacturers get Y from Selected Products/Categories/Manufacturers Free

✯ Buy X Get Shipping Free

✯ Every Monday Get %10 Off

✯ Every Saturday-Sunday Buy One Get One Off

✯ Custom Coupon wise Error Messages

✯ Advanced Coupon History

✯ Any type of combination using below options.



Advance Coupon Customization Options

✔ Discount Type Percentage/Fixed/Fixed Product Price

✔ Minimum Total Quantity/Quantity Range

✔ Minimum Total Value/Value Range

✔ Buy/Sale Quantity

✔ Quantity Type (Fixed/Proportional)

✔ Buy/Sale Product Selection

✔ Buy/Sale Category Selection

✔ Buy/Sale Manufacturer Selection

✔ Exclude Special Products

✔ Exclude Discounted Products

✔ Works with Default Coupon

✔ Login Requierd to apply Coupon

✔ Starting Date - End Date

✔ Uses per Sale

✔ Uses per Customer

✔ Free Shipping

✔ Supports Multi-Store

✔ Supports Multi-Store

✔ Customer Group

✔ Currency

✔ Language

✔ Recurring/Days

✔ Select All And Unselect All for Selection Products







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