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250 модулей для PrestaShop (part 2)

Guest vadim

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Вторая часть сборника модулей для PrestaShop.

[spoiler=Список модулей]

activationbymail.zip25 KB

adminerprestashop.zip180 KB

Advanced Search 4_v4.10.4_rus.zip845 KB

advanced_search.zip831 KB

advanced-search-4.5.zip592 KB

advancedbackgroundchanger.zip886 KB

advgallery.zip115 KB

agilemultipleseller.zip670 KB

ajaxfilter.zip182 KB

ajaxscroll.zip12 KB

alldownloads.zip613 KB

attributewizardpro 1.7.7.zip2.8 MB

attributewizardprog.zip2.0 MB

Autumn_1.6.3.1.zip1.1 MB

autumnsearchblock.zip14 KB

banipfree v1.1.4.zip13 KB

bankwire_discount_v0.93.zip45 KB

bannermanager_v0.8.zip163 KB

BelVG_Product_Tabs-v.1.0.6.zip809 KB

belvg_promo_banner_free_1.zip2.7 MB

belvgstickerpro.zip613 KB

blockadvancesearch_3.zip132 KB

blockautocompletesearch.zip18 KB

blockcontact измененный.7z12 KB

blockcontacts.zip20 KB

blockcontacts(1).zip17 KB

blockcontacts(2).zip20 KB

blockfooterdata1_2.zip4 KB

blockfooterlink_v1_2.zip11 KB

blockgoogletranslate.zip7 KB

blockhtmlcodes.zip3 KB

blockmanufactureri.zip309 KB

blockprise.zip9 KB

blocksearch_mod.rar11 KB

blockspecialscarroussel.zip66 KB

bvkfilter-v1.9.zip117 KB

bvkpaymentfees.zip106 KB

callback.zip25 KB

cart2excel.zip1.2 MB

cartabandonment_prestashop.zip1.5 MB

cartabandonment.zip1.5 MB

cashnovaposhta.zip16 KB

checkout.zip51 KB

codecanyon-10271761-prestashop-smart-seo-manager-baseo-v1.0.12.zip767 KB

codecanyon-8494242-prestashop-reviews-carousel.zip745 KB

csmegamenu.7z27 KB

cssmodule.zip10 KB

dboptimization v1.1.zip12 KB

ddlx_xtreme_footer.zip531 KB

deleteorders.rar7 KB

deleteordersfree.zip14 KB

duplicateurlredirect.zip16 KB

ecm_imparcer.zip54 KB

ecm_multifeatures Модуль Multiple Features.zip12 KB

editorialyoutube.zip9 KB

egrratingrichsnippet.rar1.7 MB

elcomeraser.zip2 KB

emailcheck.zip427 KB

emptycache.zip80 KB

emspost.zip12 KB

exreg.zip9 KB

extraproducttab.zip24 KB

extratabs.zip6 KB

facebookcomments.zip13 KB

faqpro.zip47 KB

fastorder3.zip45 KB

fastorder4.zip46 KB

fbtwconnect.7z437 KB

filterproductsproV1.6.0.zip960 KB

fmmseourl v1.2.zip15 KB

footercustom 3.4.zip1.1 MB

footerfreeblock.zip7 KB

frcallback KB

frsnconnect KB

ganalytics.zip8 KB

gcalendar.rar537 KB

gmerchantcenter.zip425 KB

groupchanger.zip4 KB

hidepricecart.zip523 KB

homecatalog.zip57 KB

homecategories.zip9 KB

homelastcomments.zip39 KB

homemodalwindow-v1.0.zip98 KB

hookmanager_ps_module_1.0.4.zip23 KB

hotinfo v1.3.zip24 KB

hotline.zip107 KB

hsrediscache.zip219 KB

htmlboxpro.zip163 KB

imagefill.zip472 KB

infiniteajax_v1.3_rus.zip46 KB

interkassa.zip44 KB

lazyload (1).zip7 KB

lazyload.zip122 KB

likeboxfree.zip36 KB

likebtn.zip36 KB

liqpay.zip12 KB

liqpay(1).zip25 KB

livefilter 3.2.zip140 KB

livefilter 3.6.zip140 KB

localizator.zip429 KB

lofadvancecustom.for.prestashop.1.5.x.zip350 KB

lofadvancecustom.rar335 KB

lofbestselling.7z33 KB

lofblogscategory.zip25 KB

lofmegamenu v1.4.zip98 KB

loftabs v1.5.zip358 KB

Login_frsnconnect KB

Login_frsnconnect.zip74 KB

magicmagnifyplus.zip194 KB

magictouch.rar131 KB

magiczoomplus.zip182 KB

magiczoomplus.zip208 KB

maileditor.zip4 KB

mapsyandex.zip20 KB

massprice.zip377 KB

massupdate.zip14 KB

MegaShop.rar468 KB

messagejgrowl.zip215 KB

metrika.zip39 KB

minicslider-v4.0.0.zip301 KB

minicslider-v4.1.11.zip302 KB

minicslider.zip299 KB

mod_magiczoomplus v5.4.25.zip187 KB

multishipwidget.zip33 KB

navmegadrownevo-v2.3.9.2.zip91 KB

neworderalarm.zip27 KB

newscore.zip28 KB

newsletteradmin15.zip190 KB

newsletteradmin2.zip177 KB

newslettertabmodule-v1.1.zip8 KB

nvn_export_products.zip40 KB

oldbrowser.zip110 KB

oleamultipromos.zip1.8 MB

oneall_social_login.zip80 KB

onepagecheckout-2.2.8-presta_1.5.x.zip406 KB

onepagecheckout-2.3.2-presta_1.6.x.zip481 KB

orphus.zip11 KB

oscommerce.zip82 KB

oxxopayment.zip340 KB

payments2carriers.zip12 KB

paypal_PRO.zip655 KB

payvisa.zip13 KB

pecmslider.zip705 KB

peproductabs_1.5free.zip1.1 MB

pk_flexmenu1.2.zip152 KB

pm_adsandslideshow.zip2.3 MB

pm_advancedsearch4_v4.9.5.zip840 KB

pm_advancedtopmenu.zip370 KB

pm_crosssellingoncart.zip394 KB

pm_crosssellingoncart.zip394 KB

pm_deletecustomercookie_V1.zip47 KB

pm_modalcart3.zip1.4 MB

pm_modalcart3.zip1.4 MB

popupcart v1.1.zip18 KB

popupnotification.zip51 KB

prestacenterxmlexportfree1111.zip56 KB

prestacheap-1-verifying-e-mail-account-for-new-customers-prestashop-module-v2.1.2.zip725 KB

prestacheap-9-viral-social-content-locker-prestashop-module-v1.1.zip69 KB

prestaloveeasyfooter.zip205 KB

prestapress v1.9_1.5.4.1.zip442 KB

prestapress v1.9_1.5.4.1(1).zip445 KB

prestapress.zip426 KB

prestaqna.zip77 KB

prestaqna.zip77 KB

prestashop_dmurealtimestats.zip304 KB

prestashop_multi seller_module.zip654 KB

Prestashop_NivoSlider.zip54 KB

prestashop_pushslide.zip108 KB

prestashop-advanced-sitemap-master.zip549 KB

Prestashop-Module-Treecategories.zip134 KB

PrestaShop-modules-CleanURLs.zip50 KB

Prestashop-richsnippets-meta.zip22 KB

prestashop-seo-manager.zip962 KB

prestashop-watermark-master-new.zip84 KB

prettyslider.zip1.1 MB

privat24.zip6 KB

product_extratabs.zip7 KB

productinquiry.zip14 KB

productkeys.zip12 KB

productlistattributes.zip53 KB

productvideos v1.4.zip4 KB

productvideos.zip28 KB

productvideotab.zip248 KB

qiwi.zip265 KB

quantitydiscounts.zip6 KB

reductionmanager.zip6 KB

registration and login via social networks KB

regresiveoffer.zip58 KB

revsliderprestashop 3.0.95.zip1.6 MB

revsliderprestashop 4.6.3 P1.6.zip2.0 MB

revsliderprestashop_ps1.6.zip1.6 MB

robokassa.zip84 KB

ru_arundo.zip330 KB

ru.zip355 KB

russianpostcarrier.zip15 KB

sc.zip76 KB

scrolltotop.zip6 KB

SEO Pretty URL Module 2.2.zip82 KB

seogenerator (1).zip26 KB

seogenerator (2).zip34 KB

seogenerator (3).zip39 KB

seohelping.zip10 KB

serverconfiguration.zip56 KB

shiptopay_PS1.5.zip12 KB

shiptopay_PS1.5x_v1.0.2.zip12 KB

shiptopay.zip7 KB

shopmode.zip13 KB

simple.zip2 KB

sizeschart.zip357 KB

sizeschart.zip357 KB

SlidersEverywhere1.6.25.zip747 KB

smartseoplus.zip49 KB

snoweffect.zip6 KB

Social-Login-for-Prestashop.zip827 KB

socializ.zip97 KB

sociallogin.zip24 KB

sociallogin.zip278 KB

socialnetworklinks.zip45 KB

talkalotmodule.zip7 KB

tmcategories.zip11 KB

tmfooterlinks.zip4 KB

topMenuSort.zip8 KB

tptncolbanner.rar35 KB

tptncontact.rar6 KB

tptnextralinks.rar9 KB

tptnfooterblock1.rar10 KB

tptnfooterblock2.rar10 KB

treepodia.zip468 KB

ultimateXML_v1.2_free.zip71 KB

unisender.zip5 KB

universalpay.zip35 KB

v1.0.2-couponpop.zip86 KB

v1.0.8-gsnipreview.zip283 KB

v1.2.0-1-Click Upgrade - AutoUpgrade.zip366 KB

v1.3.1-contentpack.zip516 KB

v1.9-prestapress.zip439 KB

v1.9.4-pm_advancedtopmenu.zip433 KB

v2.2.9-onepagecheckout.zip406 KB

v2.7-footercustom.zip499 KB

vipsms_mod-presta-v0002 (2).zip13 KB

vk api 1.5.zip25 KB

vk groups 1.5.zip25 KB

vkcomments.zip33 KB

vkgroups.zip32 KB

webmoney.zip19 KB

webmoney(1).zip55 KB

who-is-online-prestashop.zip1.6 MB

Yandex_Market_1.7.7.zip17 KB

youtube.zip72 KB

Счетчик акции wncountdown.zip19 KB

файлы magicscroll.rar41 KB



All listing



[HIDEL=15]Ссылки на модули в txt файле:




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очень ищу модуль для выбора количества товара на странице каталога. То есть чтоб на главной странице с товарами сразу можно было указать количество товара . Пока для этого нужно перейти в сам товар

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