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OpenCart Super Page Cache: Site speed booster

Guest Power TRK

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Guest Power TRK


Opencart: 1.5.x, 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x



OpenCart is a great platform for ecommerce. Unfortunately with so many features and so much extensibility, its codebase is very bloated and your page load times suffer as a result. With Google putting so much emphasis on your site’s overall load speed, and with users becoming increasing impatient with slow loading sites, it’s absolutely vital that your site is loading as quickly as possible.


Not only that, slow pages are killing your conversions. According to research done by some of the largest ecommerce sites, every 100ms you shave from your page load can result in a 1% increase in revenue!


Super Page Cache solves the OpenCart slow loading problem once and for all. With Super Page Cache once a page is rendered, it’s stored in a local cache. This means when a visitor visits your site, instead of OpenCart having to generate each page from scratch each time, the pre-generated pages are seamlessly loaded from a local cache. The result is up to a 5000% improvement in site loading speed!


Super Page Cache automatically clears the cache whenever products, categories, or information pages are modified in the site admin. This makes sure updates you make to the products are always available instantly.


How It Works



SPC automatically caches:

  • Product pages
  • Product reviews
  • Category pages
  • Site main page
  • Information pages (about us, shipping, policies, etc)
  • Manufacturer pages
  • Search results pages

Smart Caching Technology

SPC includes Smart Caching Technology to prevent pages from being cached when users are logged in, or have items in their cart. No customer-specific pages, for example account, compare, wishlist or cart pages are cached.


Performance Stats

Keep tabs on your cache’s performance with built in graphical monitoring tools.





  • Great for SEO
  • Easy to use Admin page
  • Easy to install with vqmod—includes an installation script so no source files need to be modified by hand
  • Fully configurable and customizable: easily change caching time and behavior
  • You can exclude specific pages, routes, products, or categories from being cached
  • Full graphical reporting tool makes it easy to monitor and tweak the effectiveness of your cache
  • Fully compatible with multi-currency sites and works with sites in any language
  • Fully compatible with the OpenCart Link De-duplicator for an extra SEO boost
  • Option to clear cache on checkout to make sure stock status always up to date
  • Automatic gzip compression for performance
  • Cache runs fully automatically, doesn’t need any ongoing attention
  • No license servers or obfuscated code, you get the full script.

Real Life Examples

Screenshots of performance gains in real life sites running SPC:


Click here for a demo site of an example OpenCart installation running Super Page Cache, SEO Link Deduplicator, and SEO Canonical Links plugins.




[spoiler=Demo]OpenCart Super Page Cache: Site speed booster by benw | CodeCanyon



[spoiler=Download][HIDEL=4] https://yadi.sk/d/CesHLprCvnz4u[/HIDEL]


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