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Create multiple modules with custom selection of categories and subcategories, with different display styles, and more.


Main features: (opencart 2.x)

  • Unlimited module creation on any layout in any positions.
  • Completely standalone; no core file edits.
  • Compatible with multi store and multilanguage.
  • Full category path (link and breadcrumb).
  • Custom module title (multilanguage).
  • Categories Display Mode:
    - Display custom selection of categories.
    - Display subcategories of custom selection of categories (first child level).
    - Display all first level categories (the same as default OpenCart Category module).
  • Module Display Style :
    - List with categories names (same design as default OpenCart Category module) .
    - Drop down box with categories names .
    - Categories Images and Names - Responsive Multicolumn (similar design as default
    OpenCart Products module)
    - Categories Images - Responsive Multicolumn (similar design as default OpenCart
    products module)
    - Carousel with categories images (same design as default OpenCart Carousel module)
    - Banner (Slideshow) with categories images (same design as default OpenCart Banner
  • Responsive Multicolumn Design: custom number of items per row on different displays sizes.
  • Expand categories: only active category, all categories, or no expand.
  • Show / Hide product count.
  • You can add a custom CSS class for each module and this allows individual module styling.
  • In Admin, you can save module and not leave page (Save and stay on page) and you can duplicate
    an existing module (Save as Copy).



FRONT STORE live demo (opencart 2.x)

ADMIN live demo (opencart 2.x)


FRONT STORE live demo (opencart 1.5.x)

ADMIN live demo (opencart 1.5.x)


username: demo

password: demo


In instructions.pdf file from downloaded archive you will find full instructions about installation, reinstallation / update, configuration & usage and some examples of configurations.



[HIDEL=1] advanced-category-module-v2.2.7_opencart-2.3.x.zip [/HIDEL]



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