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Size Chart Popup for Product Option

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Support OpenCart v2.3.x!






f you are selling products worldwide, like shoes, or clothes. They may use different measure systems, and it’s a good idea to have a size chart table. With this size chart module, you can create size chart templates, and assign them to products. You can attach the size chart to any option (multiple options on each product), so you see a nice little icon (or link text) right after the option. For example, the Shoe Size table should be after/before the size select option. Click on the size chart icon, the size chart template pop up, or open in a new page.


Change log

== v2.0.0 ==

1. Support v2.3.x.

2. Better theme compatibility.


== v1.1.1 (May 1, 2015) ==

1. Fixed size chart select not showing when add option on Admin product edit page.

2. Performance improvements.


== v1.1 ==

1. Redesign of Size Chart Admin pages, easier to understand.

2. Use Icon or Text for size chart link with product option.

3. Open size chart in a new page (seo url ready), or pop up.

4. Attach size chart to more than one option of a product (old version allows you attach only one size chart to a product)


DEMO & INFO : OpenCart - Size Chart Popup for Product Option


Download: Product-Option-More-DetailsSize-Chart_OC1.5.x_2.3.zip

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