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Vehicle Year Make Model Engine Filter

Guest vadim

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Guest vadim


V5 is for Opencart 3.x The mod should simply be installed through the extension installer. note - The first version of V4 had multiple ocmod.zip files like v4 did v5.0.1 forward is just one ocmod.zip file to install and the features category and product mods have been rolled in with options to turn them on or off. If you are upgrading from V5 to V5.0.1+ then you should goto the modifications page and delete the category, product, and featured modifications before you upload the new version.


V4 is for Opencart 2.3+ The zip contains several ocmod files. The ocmod.zip file is the core of the module, and the rest should be pretty evident what they do. If you want all functionality you need to install all of them.


V3 for Opencart 2.x - This is an ocmod that utilizes the 2.x built in extension installer it will require you to either have ftp setup or use THIS extension


Docs for V3 are almost complete and can be found Here


This is a vehicle year/make/model filter solution for opencart 1.5.1 and newer.


Added version 2.7 with compatibility. If you do not need the compatibility you would probably be better off sticking with the old version for now. I have tested the new version, but it's a large change to make it work with the new version and many places for bugs to creep in. I have not yet updated the multi-store version, but I will get to it soon.

** note that v27+ requres version 2.3.0 (the latest version) of vqmod. **

** note if you get a cannot redeclare error after installing clear your vqmod cache **


Added a multi-store version so that makes and models are limited to ones that are associated with products that are assigned to the current store. Only use this version if you need it as it will have some performance implications, though I hope they are minimal.


This mod allows you to add unlimted year make and model combinations to your products.


Unlike other year make model mods this is not a search mod. It is a filter mod. Once the customer selects a year make and model the entire site gets filtered by only the applicable products and categories. You can browse anywhere in the site and everything will be filtered.



  • Unlimited year make model per product
  • Not a search mod any browsing or searching done on the site once filter is set will be limited to applicable products.
  • Filters products, categories, bestsellers, specials, featured, latest products
  • Option to remember vehicle which sets a cookie so that the user does not have to select vehicle every time they visit your site.
  • Set products as universal so they show up no matter what filter is selected.
  • Adds a tab with a list of vehicles the product fits when applicable.
  • Utilizes vqmod for upload and use install
  • Includes import export script for easy adding of year make models to products.
  • Filter by make only or make/model only etc.
  • Choose where to go once filter is applied (home / search / reload current page)



Demo 1.5 available HERE

Demo 2.x available HERE




Changelog moved HERE due to character limitation here.


Issue tracker HERE




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