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Forced SSL Everywhere OC [Платное]


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Пользователь marauder разместил новый ресурс:


[plain]Forced SSL Everywhere OC[/plain] - [plain]Модуль принудительно меняет http на https во всех ссылках и медиа сайта[/plain]



Forced SSL Everywhere OC 2.x - 1.x




This extension forces the SSL mode for ALL existing links and media in OpenCart for both admin and front end sessions, protecting your site from hacker attacks.


What You Get


  • Forced SSL For All Links & Media
  • Higher Rank In Google
    Google has announced that going HTTPS will give you a minor ranking boost
  • More Trustworthy Site For...


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Пользователь marauder обновил ресурс [plain]Forced SSL Everywhere OC[/plain] новой записью:


[plain]v1.2.0 - 2017-03-06[/plain]


- Added ability to fix invalid HTTPS related settings in the config files

- Added automatic 301 redirect to the www or non-www version of the site depending on the configuration to avoid cross-domain problems casuing missing icons and fonts.


Узнать больше об этом обновлении...

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