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G2shop [Платное]


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Пользователь marauder разместил новый ресурс:


[plain]G2shop[/plain] - [plain]Digital eCommerce OpenCart Theme[/plain]



G2shop is the multi-purpose OpenCart theme for any trending Hitech store. Supporting OpenCart 2.3.x, this theme has full of functioning features of a modern template for any eCommerce website. In combination with the super powerful administration panel packed with a bundle of options, you totally yourself can create a unique e-commerce website, only for you, named your own one.


Just by some clicks, you completely see this theme with powerful features...


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Пользователь marauder обновил ресурс [plain]G2shop[/plain] новой записью:


[plain]Change log[/plain]


- Update Module SO Social_login v1.0.1

- Update Module SO_Onepagecheckout v1.0.3

- Update Module so_filtershopby v2.1.2

- Fix error type_layout in admin (so basic product, so extra slider, so listing tabs, so html)

- fix error in the shopping cart page on mobile: click Get Quote, the popup doesn't show.

- Remove tab Show Header in admin area of So Search Pro

- fix error fixed http://

- Edit the link "mproduct" into "product"


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