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Removes redirections and ads from Pornhub, Redtube, Youporn and YoupornGay embed players.


No more redirection. No more ads.

Works with the Top 4 Adult Tubes!

This WordPress plugin avoids embedded ads and redirects from
Pornhub, RedTube, Youporn and YoupornGay videos.

Use your own ads

- 2x 300x250 ads displayed before the video is played
- 2x 300x250 ads displayed when the video is paused
- 1x Preroll ad displayed just after the video is played
- 1x Midroll ad displayed after the video has reached x% of its total time, as you wish

Note: The beside example uses some Brazzers Preroll / Midroll ads. You will use your own ads with your affiliate ID.

Theme compatibility

This plugin works with any WordPress theme and comes with options to display your own in-video ads.

Of course it's 100% WP-Script Themes ready! Watch out our demos


Скрытый текст

Tranform all embed players

This plugin replaces seamlessly all your embed videos players from 4 biggest adult tubes by a HTML5 video player.

Top 4 Adult Tubes support

Pornhub, Redtube, Youporn and Xvideos videos are fully supported, anywhere in your content!

No more redirection

Keep your visitors on your site! Clean Tube Player prevents Tubes embed players redirections on Desktop and Mobile.

No more embedded ads

Using Clean Tube Player prevents Tubes native embedded ads on their embed players.

Manage tubes on the fly

You can enable/disable each tube to transform or not their embed videos players in your content.

Display your own ads

Insert your own code in the Clean Tube Player options to display your own ads inside videos. Before video start, pre-roll and on pause.

Synergy with WP-Script plugins

Import videos with Mass Embedder or Video Url To Post plugins and use the Clean Tube Player to display those videos with the HTML5 Video Player.

Synergy with WP-Script themes

Clean Tube Player is fully integrated in WP-Script Themes (color, style, ads, watermark) thanks to our Themes HTML5 Video Player options.

All WP Themes Ready

This plugin will change any embed video code from the 4 supported Tubes found on your page and replace them with the HTML5 Video Player version of the video.

WP-Script free support

Free support and listening to your suggestions to improve this plugin.


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